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Join the race on December the 27th


The late Harold Pupkewitz, an avid swimmer  himself, supported the sport over many years culminating in the popular annual Pupkewitz Jetty Mile.

About Us.

Sport forms part of the Pupkewitz Foundation’s grant funding focus areas, and the Foundation believes
that sport can be used as a tool to demonstrate and encourage community involvement, commitment,
volunteerism, leadership, fair play, respect, inclusion, and qualities based on equity and equality that
will help children and youth grow into community leaders and community volunteers, therefore using
sport intentionally to instill character in individuals and build strong communities. One of the platforms
that support this focus area is the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile event, started by the Pupkewitz family in 2007
and continued by the Pupkewitz Foundation on a yearly basis.

“Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.”

— Liane Cardes

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